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We are dynamic profession driven by the technology, innovation and commitment towards the Delivery of Quality Work and Services. 

Dealing with the Insurance domain, we offer wide variety of Nationwide Residential Title Search and other services.

About Us


DeeDOT Title Services, LLC started as a service provider for all Residential Title Searches covering Nationwide Title Searches with the strong local abstractor network and in connection with local abstractors nationwide. 

Our services include Residential Title Research, Document Retrieval and Full Searches for all Nationwide states. We have an extensive In-House abstracting resources with the experience of Vendor Management team having a strong network with local ground abstractors nationwide. Our clients includes National/Regional, local Title Companies, Attorneys, Real Estate Companies and more.

Our Client Relations Team will be more than happy to assist you with any of your questions, this team is handled by trained and experienced individuals having the knowledge and in this industry from 10+ years and very well trained to provide you with a resolution at the fastest or at the earliest..

Our Focus on

Ensure best security and firewall for all saved confidential data. Quick Implementation of updates and flexibility. Fastest turn time, Proactive communication and Quality Services. Ready to accept any business challenges.


 DeedDOT Title Services, LLC has a dedicated and experienced team handling the clients, respond and  deliver the services with quality and quick turn time on delivery of work.


We provide nationwide coverage and have local abstractors nationwide providing coverage in all the States  which provides you DeedDOT being a one shop for fulfilling all your Search Requirements. We offer you a competitive pricing when compared to other vendors in the market.


Our Team comprises of individuals with experienced minds and well trained using the latest technologies  and not compromising on the quality which is cross checked by the experienced eyes. Our normal working hours from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM providing 24/5 Coverage and extending the services  with 24/7 when required.  

Services We Provide



We provide Residential Title Search Services for different products like Current Owner, Two Owner, 30 Year and Full Searches for all nationwide states.


The written record of the transfer of an interest in real property and used to transfer ownership rights is called Deed.


Online search, phone calls and fax/mail to tax jurisdictions for assessment data and current/delinquent tax status, tax sales, parcel changes, verify addresses or send your search documents for fast and accurate typing.


Nationwide local abstractor are aligned to provide a thorough and efficient process of obtaining a variety of records through any portals.


Attorney’s opinion of title is a written statement by an attorney regarding the identity of all current title owners, lien holders, and possible claimants of a particular land. This statement outlines the details of the attorney’s search, which records were examined, and what encumbrances exist against the title.


Locating a property, identifying owners and vesting information and return a recordable legal description with a copy of the conveyance instrument, all in one automated search. New in Legal and Vesting Report include Tax and Assessment information.


A lien is a notice attached to your property telling the world that a creditor claims you owe it some money. A lien is typically a public record. Liens on real estate are a common way for creditors to collect what they are owed.

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